Family Fall Festival

For the descendents of Pat Bellinger

Hey Y'all!  If yer one of Pat's kids, grandkids, or even one of them 'dar great-grandkids, then this invite is for you!

See the Pictures 
from this Year's Festival!!!

We're Gettin' Ready for the 
Family Fall Festival
to be held on
Saturday, October 13
at the
Quicksall Ranch 

Are You Coming?

Don't Forget.... It's my birthday, so if you don't come I'm gonna cry!

The Yard's Been Mowed
(heck - a few acres has been mowed)

The Fireplace 
is Full of Wood
The Bell 
is Ready for Ringin'
Shoot, We Even Made the Outhouse Look Nice for Those Who Still Think Indoor Plummin' Just Ain't Proper!

And don't think there ain't nuttin' 
for the kids to do, cause we got....

Fishin' Pond full of Bass

Trails for Hikin'

Lot's of Room for Frisbee, Football, Softball, or Soccer
(just bring your own equipment)

Next Door Neighbor with Cattle and Horses
(for the kids who ain't seen too much of that stuff)

Hickory Nut Collectin'
(we got more nuts than we know what to do with.....)


Around 90 acres of conservation land with 
deer, hawks, and occasional quail and pheasant
(for those kids who can appreciate nature)

The Schedule

12:30 p.m. Pot Luck Dinner
(We’re providin’ meats & drinks, and ya’ll bring a side dish and dessert....if ya have any questions, just email or call Shannon)
Mid Afternoon Skeet Shooting Competition
(BYO Guns & Ammo)

Fishing Derby 
for the Biggest Bass

Late-Mid Afternoon Rifle & Handgun Competition
(Again, BYO)

Fishing Derby Continues
for those hardcore anglers

Supper Time Weiner Roast & Leftovers

Night Camp out for those staying overnight
(If ya need a tent, just let us know....we got everything to meet yer needs)


If you haven't been to the ranch before or if you just can't remember how to get there, you can get a map from the good folks at by clicking HERE.


What to Bring

Good Food & Your Own Table Service

Hungry Appetite

Rifle, Shotgun, Handgun & Shells
(I’ll supply 180 clay targets)

Lawn Chairs &/or Blankets

Tent, Camper, etc. if you are spending the night

Anything else I forgot to mention!!!

Be Sure & See the Photos  
from Last Year!!!!!
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