Deer Hunt 2001
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The Hunters

Double E is a retired electrician and farmer.
Double E

Uncle Lar is a marriage & family therapist and college instructor.
Uncle Lar

Troy-Boy is a disel mechanic in the ag industry.

Big D is a farmer and jack-of-all-trades.
Big D

The Hi-Tech Red-Neck is an assistant fire chief.
The Hi-Tech

The Deer

Looking North from the Magic Deer Stand. Snoozing in the Magic Deer Stand. Big D Scouts the South End of over 50 acres of Timber.
Though shots are heard, no deer are to be found!

I heard reindeer taste just like chicken!
We even keep an eye on the sky for any reindeer flying by!

The First Kill

Double E and his four point buck on Friday afternoon.
On Friday afternoon, Double E first spotted this wounded deer running north in the river bottom, 
then after being shot at, it turned south again.  After tracking it down, he finished it off.

Big D's newly made field dressing crane with hand-operated winch. Don't nick the gut, Double E! OK, now what do we do???
Big D brought down his new invention for field dressing deer easier by hoisting them up in the air.
Double E recommends that everyone call Big D when they get a deer.

The Second Kill

This is Uncle Lar's first buck, a six pointer taken from the Magic Deer Stand on Saturday morning at 6:45.

On Saturday morning, this young buck came walking through the fog into a small corn patch.
After a hit to the neck, this "OJ"ed deer ran about 50 yards, leaving a huge blood trail.

BLOOD! BLOOD! AND STILL MORE BLOOD!  Look how high it got on the corn stalks!

Speak-up if you want me to save the liver!
Double E said he wanted proof that Uncle Lar could get his hands bloody!

Number Three

The final deer of the first weekend.  It is a nine-point buck!
Through the miracle of hi-tech communication devices (available at Wal-Mart), 
Big D was able to tag the third deer of the weekend, taken from the same deer stand 
where Uncle Lar took his buck the day before.

Celebrating the Hunt

After an exciting time, our hunters sit around and swap stories 
about the first weekend and look forward to the next!

Uncle Lar and his Boogie-Boy with Deer #2 Troy-Boy and Boogie-Boy taking a ride! Shhhhhh.....I'm dreaming about the 14 pointer that got away!
Hey, at least I didn't shoot a coyote thinking it was a fawn! See ya'll next year! I tell ya, I knew it was a coyote all along!

See Ya'll Next Year!!!

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