Wallpapers by Larry

From time to time my passion for photography swells, and I find myself looking in the most interesting places for images to capture.  Recently, I have been taking some of my photos and turning them into wallpapers for my own computer, and thought others may also enjoy them.  Below are wallpapers for your computer desktop free for the taking.  Just click on the small image to bring up the 800 X 600 image, right click on your mouse, and click on "Save as Background."  I will be adding new images as the spirit moves me....which can be at anytime!    -- Larry Quicksall

PS: The area where I took the photo "Autumn Waters" does not exist anymore.  The area has been leveled, rocked, and paved for a large marina complex.  It is sad to see that peaceful area gone, so I am very glad I took the photo when I did.


Riding High.jpg (60717 bytes)
"Riding High"

Riders of the Storm.jpg (63255 bytes)
"Riders of the Storm"

Fall Colors.jpg (114691 bytes)
"Fall Colors"

Looking East.jpg (168162 bytes)
"Looking East"

I'm Waiting.jpg (73772 bytes)
"I'm Waiting"

Faithful Friend.jpg (65658 bytes)
"Faithful Friend"

Solar Moment.jpg (72394 bytes)
"Solar Moment"

Season's End.jpg (87882 bytes)
"Season's End"

Wispies.jpg (54511 bytes)

Autumn Waters.jpg (104456 bytes)
"Autumn Waters"

Fall Sun.jpg (97997 bytes)
"Fall Sun"

Weathered & Worn.jpg (129278 bytes)
"Weathered & Worn"

Jack-O-Lantern.jpg (38968 bytes)

Time with PawPaw.jpg (130998 bytes)
"Time with PawPaw"

Duck Hunting.jpg (132778 bytes)
"Duck Hunting"

Still Waters.jpg (122196 bytes)
"Still Waters"

Moments of Reflection.jpg (124238 bytes)
"Moments of Reflection"

Deer Stand.jpg (118865 bytes)
"Deer Stand"

DCP_0005.JPG (185931 bytes)
"Fire Line"

DCP_0022.JPG (194581 bytes)
"Prairie Town Sky"

DCP_0024.JPG (187533 bytes)
"Sky Crumbs"

DCP_0006.JPG (182327 bytes)
"Small Town Pride"

DCP_0002.JPG (317281 bytes)

DCP_0018.JPG (183447 bytes)
"Gays' Pride"
2-Story Outhouse in Gays, Illinois

DCP_0024.JPG (181509 bytes)
"Winter Drought"

DCP_0041.JPG (183473 bytes)
"Sunrise Silhouette"

DCP_0046.JPG (171100 bytes)

DCP_0009.JPG (184706 bytes)
"Zalman School"

DCP_0115.JPG (198994 bytes)
"Three Sisters"

DCP_0061.JPG (189769 bytes)

DCP_0062.JPG (194865 bytes)
"Falls Behind"